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MOS Access 2013 – Exam 77-424

This course prepares the students with the technical skills and knowledge to take Microsoft Certification Exam 77-424: Access 2013.
we provide you with the resources including study materials, skills management systems access for practice and simulations that will not only help you pass the exam but also ensure that you will be more effective and productive and gain valuable skills that help you succeeds in your career.

By the end of the course student will be able to accomplish the following technical skills :

Create and manage a database (20–25%)

  • Create a new database
  • Manage relationships and keys
  • Navigate through a database
  • Protect and maintain a database
  • Print and export a database

Create queries (15–20%)

  • Create a query
  • Modify a query
  • Utilize calculated fields and grouping within a query

Build tables (25–30%)

  • Create a table
  • Format a table
  • Manage records
  • Create and modify fields

Create forms (15–20%)

  • Create a form
  • Set form controls
  • Format a form